Young Adult Ski Retreat

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In 2022…
(prices, dates and times will be subject to change for 2022)

WISP Resort in Deep Creek, MD

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Join Young Adults from around the area for a weekend of skiing and winter fun at WISP Resort in McHenry, Maryland (TBD – TBD). We’ll spend the weekend skiing/snowboarding and enjoying plenty of other activities available at the resort.

Each day will start with Morning Prayer and end with Night Prayer. Mass, Adoration, and Confession will also be part of the weekend’s activities. Join the fun and bring a friend!

Payments/Registrations that are turned in by TBD will receive a discount on the overall cost.

Lodging Details

We will stay in houses in front of WISP resort that are located nearby each other. The houses will be separated by gender, with the men playing hosts at the main hub house where we will have Mass and eat meals together. Also, we will have a married couples house(s) if 2 or more married couples participate. The cost of lodging is $TBD/person (or $TBD/person if you prefer to arrive a day early on Thursday evening). You can save $TBD by opting to sleep on a sofa bed, futon, or blowup bed (ST. MARK will send a refund check for $TBD after the trip is completed). We’ll do our best to accommodate everyone and won’t unwillingly put anyone in a sofa bed. The pictures below show the basic details of the houses we have already rented:


Chalet By The Lake

Proximity of Houses to Lodge


Space is available to accommodate roughly 25 young adult participants. We will rent additional houses if needed.

Affordability and Transportation

Many efforts have been made to make the trip as affordable as possible:

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  • We will carpool to WISP from ST. MARK. (We will likely add other group departure points, depending on the geographical location of our participants.)
  • We have discounted group lift ticket, rental, and lesson rates with WISP.
  • Participants can save $TBD on lodging costs if they opt for (and end up) sleeping on a sofa bed, futon, or blowup bed. There’s also a $TBD discount for those who submit payment/registration by TBD.
  • Basic food options (breakfast food, luncheon meats, pasta dinner on Saturday evening) will be provided as part of the $TBD cost.
  • Participants do not need to ski each of the days they are there. Non-skiers are welcome to join us for the trip and enjoy the fun winter environment and cozy houses!

The basic costs of the trip are:

  • Food and Lodging: $TBD for food and lodging for a Friday – Sunday stay or $TBD for a Thursday – Sunday stay (ST. MARK will send a refund check for $TBD after the trip is completed to participants who end up sleeping on a sofa bed, futon, or blowup bed).
  • Lift Tickets: $TBD for a Friday lift ticket, $TBD for a Saturday lift ticket, and $TBD for a Sunday lift ticket.
  • Rentals: $TBD for Friday ski/snowboard rentals, $TBD for Saturday ski/snowboard rentals, and $TBD for a Sunday ski/snowboard rental.
  • Lift ticket, lesson and rental packages: $TBD for lift ticket, lesson, & rental package on Friday, $TBD for lift ticket, lesson, & rental package on Saturday, and $TBD for lift ticket, lesson, & rental package on Sunday.
  • Please note the lift ticket/rental costs aren’t round numbers because they include the appropriate sales tax. Also, we get the group rates from WISP, so these prices should be difficult (or impossible) to beat.

Register soon!

Payments/registrations that are turned in by TBD will receive a discount on the overall cost.  You can contact Kevin Flores–Director of Young Adult Ministry–at 703-938-5656 if you have any questions. Registrations should be mailed to:

ST. MARK Catholic Church
Attn: Youth Ministry
9970 Vale Rd.
Vienna, VA 22181 

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