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It’s time for ST. MARK CYO basketball again!  Come join the long tradition of fun and success in our CYO basketball program. Children in grades 4-8 who attend ST. MARK Catholic School OR are enrolled here in Religious Education are welcome to participate. ONLINE REGISRATION IS CLOSED. Unlike past years, this year’s registration has a very quick turnaround. The deadline to register is by 3:00pm on Friday, October 22nd, but don’t wait until then — please register today! Registrations will be accepted but not guaranteed until all players have registered.


Participation Fee: $130 for each player this year.





(NO GAMES on January 8 & 9 and 15 & 16)



ALL payments can be made through our secure ONLINE payment service link:

Participation Requirement: Children in grades 4-8 must be enrolled in either Religious Education class or at ST. MARK Catholic School.

As this year is unlike any other, we need to emphasize a few items so that parents/guardians can make an informed decision as to whether they want to register their child to play in this program this year:


1. Registration does not guarantee a spot on a team or that a grade will be able to play. There are many factors at play, including gym space (from all participating schools in the diocese), that will limit the number of teams. By the end of October the diocese should have a good idea if all teams will be able to play.

2. COVID requirements:

    1. Athletes/youth participants and adult volunteers and coaches must complete the COVID waiver form linked in registration. No one may participate until these appropriately completed forms have been received by the coach/parish. This is especially important because it places the responsibility on the parent/guardian (rather than the coach) to perform the necessary daily health checks prior to allowing their child to participate. Furthermore, parents/guardians acknowledge that they will not allow their child to participate or attend if they have symptoms and agree to inform the parish about any confirmed positive COVID diagnosis.
    2. ST. MARK follows the health department guidelines on quarantine. Further guidance may be provided as the season approaches.
    3. Coaches must take roll at each practice/game/activity. (This is always true for child protection and safety reasons but equally important this year due to the fact that tracking may require this information.)
    4. Because all games are played in schools, the state requires everyone 2 years and older, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask over nose and mouth while in the school building. Per the diocese, this is not negotiable and this is not a time for personal protest. Anyone who does not feel obliged to follow this state rule should simply not register their child. Athletes and referees do not have to wear a mask while exercising (though an athlete may choose to if they’d like). Athletes must, however, wear a mask when not exercising (when sitting on the bench, when entering and leaving the building, etc.). Please note that coaches, assistant coaches, and all adult leaders must also wear a mask over nose and mouth while in the school building at all times, so if they prefer not to, the time to decide that is now, by not coaching, rather than during the season.
    5. Mask wearing is relevant because the rules for who must be quarantined are more stringent if someone is not wearing a mask.
    6. Tight timeframes for court space might mean less warmup time. It may be natural for these young people and for coaches to want to push themselves immediately. Therefore it’s more important than ever to make sure proper conditioning and stretching is done in advance so that by the time of an event or game these young people are ready to compete with the least likelihood of injury.
    7. State or local guidelines may change before or during the season!
    8. Please pray for the best! (but plan for scenarios that might be less than the best!)

3. Playing time may be minimized if teams are larger.

4. Games may be shorter and rules may be amended, depending on number of teams.

5. Driving distances may be increased based on limited gym availability.

6. If health conditions change, the diocese may have to adapt.

7. Barring quarantine issues, CYO hopes to provide each team at least 5 games. However, this is not a guarantee.

8. Refunds will be on a case-by-case basis. Refunds will consist of registration fee paid minus $10 in administrative fees through November 19. After November 19, no refunds will be given.


Any basketball or registration-related questions should be directed to

Looking forward to another successful season of ST. MARK Hoops!


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